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Amazing weather, friendly smiles, pristine palm lined beaches, snorkelling over amazing tropical reefs. Those are just some of the images that come to mind when you talk about having fun in Fiji.

Here at Fiji Travel Tips, we’ll show you everything you need to know; from some of the best places to stay and how to get there,  to important tourist information such as getting internet. Where are the ATM’s, some of the “must see” places, and how much it costs to buy a litre of milk at the supermarket.

There is nothing more disappointing than getting to your accommodation, and it looks nothing like the brochures. That’s to be expected, those photos are chosen to paint the place in the best light possible.

 I remember the first time we stayed in Fiji (The Hideaway resort on the Coral Coast). It looked absolutely perfect on their website, and while we really enjoyed our stay, we would have appreciated knowing a few of the “gotchas” before we arrived. Such as the ridiculous price to use the shared computer in the foyer, or the fact that the ATM was out of action more often than not and had a tendency to swallow your card, never to be seen again. 

So we won’t sugar coat things like that… if a resort is great, we tell you. If it’s good but you need to be aware of some things, we tell you.  And if it’s best to be avoided, we tell you that too. 

Do you need to get from the airport to your resort or the Denarau Marina? No problem, we have that covered with our airport transfers. How about tours to some of the local sights, such as the Sabeto mud pools or the orchids at Garden of the Sleeping Giant? We have that covered too.

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Get Connected

Stay connected with friends and family while you are in Fiji. 

What are you options for keeping your phone and laptop/tablets connected to the internet? We show you how to stay online, without paying a fortune.

mobile phone
Taxi in Fiji

Land Transport

Taxis, local and Express buses, carriers and shared taxis. Know what your choices are (and how much you should expect to pay) before you get to Fiji.

Water Transport

The “Yasawa Flyer”… is that the only way to visit the islands? 

While it’s certainly the most well known and a very convenient way to get to the Mamanuca and Yasawa islands, it’s not the only way. 

The Yasawa Flyer Catamaran

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"FIJI, our home. Come and find out for yourself why we have been voted 'The happiest people on earth'.

We don't just want you to visit our beautiful country, we want you to experience all the sights sounds and tastes that make up... FIJI.

So come and make some memories!"
Chandar Prakash
Chandar Prakash
Director, PVV Tours LTD

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