Denarau Island Resorts

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There are a total of nine resorts and apartments in Denarau, all with 4-5 star ratings. Some deserving of that rating, others, not so much.

Each of these is shown below – in no particular order. We haven’t given prices, as they will vary considerably depending on season, resort specials, room type etc. Just follow the links to their websites to find current prices. 

 However, you can probably expect a ballpark figure of perhaps FJ$400 – FJ$500 a night for an average room at any of them, and restaurant prices to be rather expensive (we recommend eating at one of the many places in the port unless you are happy to pay FJ$70 – $FJ$100pp for a 2 course meal at one of the resorts). 

Each offers something different, and what is perfect for one person, might not be ideal for another. So below, is an overall “best for” list.

  • Best Beach: This is undoubtedly the Hilton, although it’s still not great as far as Fiji beaches go.
  • Best for Kids: We would say Radisson Blu for families with young children
  • Best 5 Star Quality: Again, that would be Radisson. Some of the other resorts are a little tired and showing their age.
  • Quietest: Of the resorts, probably the Hilton, due to large well spaced out accommodation areas. The Terraces apartments is also nice and quiet and relaxing.
  • Most Character: The Sofitel has an old world charm quite unlike any of the other resorts here.
  • Best Pool Area: Most of them are good, but the Wyndham stands out with the largest pool of any Denarau resorts
  • Best Value For Money: We would probably go with either The Palms or The Terraces, although they don’t have the full resort facilities.
Sofitel pool
Sofitel pool

The Palms Apartments

The Palms apartments, Denarau
The Palms apartments, Denarau
Our Rating

The Palms is roadside in front of the terraces, and front apartments overlook the port and harbour.

These are quite new, very spacious and modern, and easy 2 minute walk to the port and marina area.

Like the Terraces behind them, 2 couples splitting the cost of a 2 bedroom apartment and doing a bit of self catering can make a holiday in Denarau reasonably affordable.

Pros: Very handy to the port and restaurants etc, very clean and spacious, reasonable price compared to the resorts, nice quiet pool area.

Cons: Most rooms don’t have much of a view, front rooms (roadside) might get extra traffic noise, not beside a beach… not that anywhere in Denarau has much in the way of a beachfront!

The Terraces Apartments

The Terraces apartments
The Terraces apartments

The Terraces are directly behind the Palms, only a roadway separates them. These overlook the Denarau golf course.

Lovely pool area at the back, which (unlike the main resorts) tends to be nice and quiet and relaxed. Definitely a good choice for groups that want to split the cost of an apartment, and perhaps do some of their own catering.

Pros: Perhaps the most affordable place to stay in Denarau. Nice golf course views, good pool area, nice cafe, easy 2 min walk to port area and restaurants.

Cons: Little older so perhaps not same high quality fittings as The Palms. Not a lot for kids to do, other than the pool.

Radisson Blu


It was inevitable that a large hotel chain like Radisson would have a resort here at Denarau. Rated 5 star (as are most of the other resorts in Denarau) this is a great choice for families with young children. Lots of “kids club” activities on offer here..

While this is a lovely resort, with lots of great facilities, it does come across as being a bit sterile (personal opinion only).

However, the resort is top of the line, very modern, well maintained, and a great place for families with kids. Probably one of the best if you have young ones.

Pros: Very clean, well maintained, very kid friendly.

Cons: Possibly not so great if lots of children are going to annoy you.


Sheraton Resort Denarau

The attraction of this resort (and the apartments next door) is the fact they are associated with the Denarau golf course.

That means Sheraton guests can get a discount on the rather steeply priced green fees. They also run occasional packages for stay/golf which are worth keeping an eye open for.

 If you are intending on having a round or two when on holiday, this might be enough for you to prefer this resort over the others. 

While some of the Denarau resorts might not really deserve their 5 star rating, the Sheraton probably does.

Sheraton Villas

Sheraton villas
Sheraton villas

The name of this place is misleading. These are not villas, they are apartments, and expensive ones compared to the Palms and Terraces.

With that said, they are very nice, and like the Sheraton resort next door, they sometimes have stay/golfing package deals on offer.

Because the Sheraton resort, the villas and the Westin (next door) are part of the marriot group, you can use the facilities of any of them.


Westin Resort

Westin resort
Westin resort

Unsure if this actually deserves a 5 star rating. The resort has seen better days, and while it’s nice, you probably expect a certain standard to be met when a place is advertised as 5 star.

Along with the sister resort of of the Sheraton, probably the biggest complaint people make is the price and quality of the food/beverages. 

We can’t speak from experience, never having dined here. 

Pros: Good staff, better food than the Sheraton.

Cons: F/B overpriced. Could do with a bit of refurbishment. 


Wyndham timeshare apartments
Wyndham timeshare apartments

Wyndham are timeshare apartments. 

as bookings entail using their credits system, we are not including information on this. You can read about it how this works on their website.


Hilton resort
Hilton resort

Pros: Very large footprint, you don’t feel overcrowded. Best beach frontage of the Denarau resorts. Very good staff

Cons: Showing it’s age. Can be a very long walk from accommodation to central area.


Sofitel resort
Sofitel resort

This old girl has been here from the start, and has loads of charm.

Like some of the others, she is showing her age, but is still (probably) deserving of the 4.5 star rating.

I called in recently (end of June, 2019) and there were renovations taking place. So be aware that you might possibly get some noise disturbance until these are completed.

Pros: Has an adults only section, lots of character.

Cons: Might suffer from too much noise until renovations are completed.