Nadi Fiji

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Let’s be honest about it, Nadi gets a bit of a bad rap from travel writers. They see it as somewhere that you should pass through as quickly as possible on your way to your destination at Denarau, the Coral Coast, or the Mamanuca  resorts.

But does Nadi really deserve that reputation? Granted, it’s not particularly attractive to look at,  in fact it’s a small, noisy, dirty town, and there are no beaches to speak of. Okay, so there is Wailoaloa beach but that isn’t saying a lot, quite frankly.  And it’s definitely NOT a mecca for shopping either. But beneath the  grimy exterior, lies a town worth exploring in a little more depth. A place with a diverse and interesting cultural heritage. 

So come and explore Nadi with us. We’ll show you some of the better places to spend a night or two, some of the free or cheap attractions and activities, as well as point you in the right direction for local tours. 

We certainly  aren’t suggesting that you spend your entire Fiji holiday in Nadi (although some people do just that). But why not consider a day or so at either end? Not only will that give you a chance to “catch your breath” before or after your flight, but it will also give you an opportunity to explore the Gateway to Fiji a little more. You might be surprised at what you find!

A new mall being built in the Nadi CBD
A new mall being built in the Nadi CBD

What is There To Do Around Nadi?

For those of you staying in the Nadi or Denarau areas, there are plenty of activities and attractions to keep you amused.

Choose from cultural experiences, such as a  visit to the Sri Siva Subramaniya temple, or to the chiefly village of Verseisei, just 20 minutes up the coast road on the way to Lautoka. Or perhaps some excitement for the whole family, with zip-lining through the rain forest? Whatever your tastes, there is something for you in or around Nadi. So come on, have a bit of FUN in FIJI!

PVV Tours offer a half day tour of the surrounds, taking in the therapeutic hot mud pools at Sabeto, the orchids at the Garden of the Sleeping Giant, and the local craft market in Nadi (entry costs apply to some attractions). 

Come And Explore Nadi With Us

So much to see, so much to do, and so little time. We get it – you want to pack in as much as possible while you are here, but how do you organize everything?

Simple, you let us do the hard work for you, while you sit back, relax, and enjoy your day with us!

See as many of the sights as we can pack in, with your half day tour. Our prices are per vehicle (not per passenger) so you are not going to find better value anywhere. Get together with a group of mates, and you save even more!

Why do we show prices in NZD?
We’re glad you asked!

Bookings are made with our NZ company (PVV Travel NZ LTD), while all transfers and tours are serviced by our Fijian division.

Prices will be automatically converted into your local currency at time of purchase.

Within Easy Walking Distance of Bus Station or Main Street

For those staying at Denarau, just catch the bus into Nadi main bus station. It will only cost you FJ$1, and they depart from the Marina multiple times per day (at a guess, every 30 min). It’s only a 15 min trip into Nadi by bus (half that time by taxi) and you can walk to anywhere you need to from the station. 

Handicraft Market

Stall at the Nadi handicraft market

Municipal market

Sri Siva Temple

Within 30min Drive of Nadi

If you have a rental car, or you  arrange a taxi, then there are lots of attractions within a short distance of Nadi town. We show you a few of the more popular and well known ones here,

Sabeto Mudpools

Orchid Garden

Viseisei Village