Sun Coast Fiji

Fiji is the most popular south pacific island destination for good reason… it’s fantastic! But that comes at a price for those of us that long for a relaxing time away from the crowds.

I have been lucky enough to travel to places that are well off the tourist trail. Some so remote that the village children ran to hide when they first saw us, as we were the first white people they had ever seen. Of course, a few sweets soon won them over!

But places like that do still exist in Fiji… if you know where to find them, and are prepared to make a little effort to get there. After all, if it was too easy everyone would want to go!

Sand cay near Golden Point, Sun Coast
Sand cay near Golden Point, Sun Coast


So on this page, I am going to introduce you to one of  my favourite areas of Fiji… the Sun Coast.  There is no official start and end point for this area (that I’m aware of) but we can probably say it begins to the north of Lautoka, and runs up the coast to the top of Viti Levu, past the Volivoli resort.

Not too far of the beaten track, but far enough that you might have to make a bit of an effort. We can show you how to get there, and it will be 100% worth it, I guarantee it.

  • Places where you can relax all day on a beach and not see another soul.
  • Places that still hold onto traditional cultures and beliefs.
  • Places where tourists can be few and far between.
  • Places that you can buy a delicious 3 course meal for a reasonable price.

Come and explore some of these places with me, and be prepared to see FANTASTIC Fiji.

Nananu-i-ra Island

Only a Short Boat Ride From The Mainland

Nananu-i-raThis really isn’t that difficult to get to. And it’s not even expensive, so why isn’t it crawling with tourists? It deserves to be! (psssst, it’s because most of them don’t know it even exists)

There are a small handful of accommodation choices here. Choose from a relaxed atmosphere on the eastern (calm) side of the island. Or opt for something a bit more physical  with diving, kite surfing and SUP on the other side.  It’s totally up to you.